Disillusionment of Past Life Relationships


Have you ever experienced a deep connection to people or places that you can't quite explain? Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind these connections and how to navigate them with discernment?

In this class, we will explore the common misconceptions surrounding past life information and discuss a more authentic approach to working with it. By letting go of preconceived notions and diving into something more tangible, we open ourselves up to real healing opportunities. We will delve into the richness and profound insights that our past lives can offer, shedding light on why these connections are surfacing in our present reality.

There are so many different dimensions of what past lives can mean. It's important to recognize that past life connections may also be intertwined with the harm we or our ancestors have caused in those lifetimes. Acknowledging this possibility allows us to explore the transformative power of healing, both for ourselves and our lineage. It is through this understanding that we can embark on a journey towards spiritual growth, medicine work, and cultivating meaningful connections.

Past lives hold a multitude of meanings and dimensions. Being called to a person or place doesn't always align with our initial assumptions. This class will approach these connections from a neutral perspective, encouraging you to explore the depths of these relationships and the messages they hold with integrity and discernment.


*This class is a donation based offering starting with a minimum of $3.33. The suggested donation for this offering is $15. If you’re feeling generous and able we welcome you to make a larger donation. We thank you all in advance for your contributions and are looking forward to hosting this class.

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