nature as a spiritual TEACHER - RETURN TO YOUR WILDNESS


Across various traditions, nature has been held in deep reverence. Many mystics, medicine people, and now neuroscientists state that a return to the wild is necessary, both personally and collectively.

In this workshop we:

  • Discuss the crisis of the current nature deficit
  • Learn practices for returning to nature in an honorable way
  • Discover how being in the right relationships, with consent and permission, are important parts of this work
  • Explore sustainability from a mystical perspective
  • Examine roadmaps provided by various spiritual lineages and traditions

Allowing nature to be your spiritual teacher this weekend, you are guided through meditation practices that cultivate reconnection with the natural world. You begin to repair your sacred relationship to nature and transform the way you live in harmony with your own divine nature.  

Join us in person Friday, June 14th - Sunday, June 16th in Rhinebeck, New York.

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We welcome you to join us for the 2024 Energy Forecast, which is a donation based offering where we will explore the energetic themes coming through for 2024 with Maryam Hasnaa.


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