Inspired by the work of Hazrat Inayat Khan, we will learn about how each aspect of creation has a unique song and how that creation song is awakened and made manifest through responding to a calling.

In collaboration with Inayatiyya we invite you to join us on Friday, March 8th at 12PM PST.

We welcome all who are able to join us. This free event hosted via Zoom.

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On the Land in Our Bones 


In her latest book, The Land in Our Bones, Lebanese ethnobotanist, sovereignty steward, cultural worker and author, Layla K. Feghali ties cultural survival to earth-based knowledge. Offering a layered history of the healing plants of Cana’an (the Levant) and the Crossroads (“Middle East”) and asks into the ways we become free from the wounds of colonization and displacement.

Layla remaps Cana’an and its crossroads, exploring the complexities, systemic impacts, and yearnings of diaspora. She shows how ancestral healing practices connect land and kin—calling back and forth across geographies and generations and providing an embodied lifeline for regenerative healing and repair.

In collaboration with CIIS, join Maryam and Layla on Thursday, April 4th at 6PM PST for a profound conversation that invites us to re-member our roots, to deepen our relationship with the lands where we live in diaspora, and is a beckoning call towards belonging, healing, and freedom through tending the land in your own bones.

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Spiritual WellBeing Workshop Series 



An exploratory and experiential Workshop Series hosted by Creator, Writer and Spiritual Herbalist, Sabriya Simon aimed to strengthen, inspire and nourish your spirit.

Join us on Saturday, April 27th at 1pm PST as we explore roles, missions and assignment in the Planetary Awakening and what it means to awaken from collective illusion. 

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Across various traditions, nature has been held in deep reverence. Many mystics, medicine people, and now neuroscientists state that a return to the wild is necessary, both personally and collectively.

In this workshop we:

  • Discuss the crisis of the current nature deficit
  • Learn practices for returning to nature in an honorable way
  • Discover how being in the right relationships, with consent and permission, are important parts of this work
  • Explore sustainability from a mystical perspective
  • Examine roadmaps provided by various spiritual lineages and traditions

Allowing nature to be your spiritual teacher this weekend, you are guided through meditation practices that cultivate reconnection with the natural world. You begin to repair your sacred relationship to nature and transform the way you live in harmony with your own divine nature.

Join us in person Friday, June 14th - Sunday, June 16th in Rhinebeck, New York.

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