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Psychic Tools for Highly Sensitives, Nervous System Training, and Subtle Body Liberation Templates.


I am grateful for your interest in New Earth Mystery School’s consciousness studies, virtual classes. 

Our purpose


Our mission is to help Sensitives and Intuitives learn to become more resilient, in tune, awake, aware and emotionally grounded in our home frequencies. We hope to provide an extensive tool kit that opens up access to more clarity, discernment, skillful empathy and the connection that we each have to something greater than ourselves. We provide classes and training so that students can connect with greater community, ask questions, and learn from one another!

Our overall mission is to go with the flow of life from a place that honors each persons unique souls expression. To find the beauty and meaning that is present in all things.We hope to inspire others to experience life with greater awareness of choice and possibility. To bear witness to qualities and divine attributes that are inherent in our nature. To cultivate, grow and nurture the gifts that are just starting to come online. This is a community that was created to facilitate finding what is true for ourselves and awakening to what is unique about our own souls path. We hope to encourage you to find your place in the divine orchestra that surrounds us all, breathes through us, animates us, pours through us and moves us towards ourselves.

Spiritual self-care is both a science and an art. Its roots are ancient, but its techniques continue to evolve and adapt to the conditions of all ages. 

Who is it for?


These classes are designed specifically for practitioners, healers, HSPs, or anyone curious about bringing more magic, mysticism, and mystery into their everyday lives. The NEMS virtual classroom is a very relaxed yet rigorous space where you will learn to arrive as your divine Self. My offerings include healing, meditation, and energy work. Participants and members receive a class recording after each call, so they may review the information and re-immerse themselves in this powerful energy work whenever they desire.


Topics we discuss in our community



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Semester Schedule

October 2023: OWNING YOUR NO

Our ‘no’ is much more powerful when it’s authentic and not just a power play. Owning Your No and taking responsibility for all of our parts, the good, bad and ugly is the true path of self love.

When we release the final version of ourselves that still people pleases, be prepared for the backlash, emotional manipulation, attempts to silence, and the pushback against one's boundaries. When we decide to prioritize our own needs, we will be initiated through experiences that test our ability to speak our authentic voice.

There is so much honor in owning our no. Remember, being willing to fully embrace our no without wavering, supports in embodying our yes.


Cyndi Dale joins us in our 2.0 class to further the discussion on building one's confidence in order to not end up second guessing our No, our innate wisdom, clarity and intuition. No matter what the outcome, owning our no is a way for us to take our power and integrity back.

Cyndi Dale is an internationally renowned author, speaker, healer, business consultant, and the author of nearly 30 books about energy medicine, intuition, and spirituality. In addition, she has worked with over 70,000 clients and students and presented hundreds of seminars and workshops across the Americas and in Russia, England, Wales, Amsterdam, Iceland, Costa Rica, Belize, Morocco, Peru, Scotland, and more. Overall, she seeks to unify the world’s most vital spiritual messages, encouraging understanding and community among all peoples.


Owning Your No 1.0 Class

Tuesday, October 10th at 1PM PDT via Zoom

Owning Your No 2.0 Class

Thursday, October 19th at 5PM PDT via Zoom



September 2023: CHANGING YOUR TUNE

Changing Your Tune is all about opening and creating space for a new possibility so that things may properly magnetize on that frequency and solutions are organically put into place.

By getting in tune with oneself we may create harmony with others. When we're focused on problems, we allow for the problem to manifest even more. We must first guide ourselves to move through feelings that arise yet remain neutral as to not over focus on the thing we don’t want. We can't heal, receive answers or have resolutions to the circumstances happening if we're staying on the same tune as the problem.

We experience life through the filter of whatever is present in our energy field, the luminous body matrix that envelopes our physical body. So, by changing our tune to what we love and what nourishes us, we naturally tune certain frequencies and people out. Feeling our emotions and knowing when it’s time to change our tune assists us in the process of recalibrating to a different frequency. 

We all experience moments of profound change, re-attunement and release so it is essential that we make sure we’re cleansing and clearing our aura regularly. It is important to keep growing, shifting and changing but only in ways that are organic to our soul.


Ehime Ora joins us in our 2.0 class to further the discussion on teaching our body how to tune itself so that we may stand between heaven and earth, in tune with the living archetypes - honoring harmony, healing and holding reverence for the inherent wisdom of the forces of nature.

Ehime Ora is a Nigerian wordsmith and priestess of the Ifa & Orisa tradition. Utilizing mediums of art such as writing, Ehime Ora creates captivating content that heals, elevates, and inspires the soul. She is grounded in her purpose of reconnecting others back to themselves as an educator of African Spirituality and holistic wellness. Through her creations, she facilitates tangible joy and spiritual wellbeing within her communities. 

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When we are in Sacred Service we are a walking blessing. The silent acknowledgment of our role that we hold in our hearts is constantly reflected in the way that we radiate from within.

One of the keys to opening and attuning our hearts is to move away from the type of generosity, charity and service that is motivated by the lower self. The need to indulge in praise, prove how good one is, or get credit for our actions are useful reflections of when one isn't walking a path of true service.

Our power comes from being in alignment with ourselves and if we want to follow our destiny, we may first ask, “How can one be in service, first to oneself and then to others?” Service only truly works when we’re tapped into a greater stream and we simply allow ourselves to be the channels for energy.

We may look to Nature for guidance as it is always in service and may support our walk in understanding our unique contribution to the whole. Not only do we have our guides and angels, we also have an entire ecosystem of helper spirits in the environment around us. We may gain insight as we familiarize ourselves with the plant kin, animal spirits, rock people, insects and other living intelligences who walk with us in service to the One.


Sukina Noor joins us in our 2.0 class to further the discussion on remembering that when we are in service, everything always comes back to us. Oftentimes, reciprocity for our generosity may come through in a different direction and location from where we’re placing our attention. We must not let this limit or distract ourselves as our unique contribution to the universe is priority.

Sukina Noor is an internationally renowned poet, spoken-word artist, playwright, workshop facilitator, educator and public speaker. ​She has facilitated creative writing workshops across the world empowering communities to use the written word as a tool for dialogue and engagement.

Sukina has previously joined us in our Lucidity: Awake in the Dream 3.0 class and Knowing Your Medicine 2.0 class.



Have you ever experienced a deep connection to people or places that you can't quite explain? Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind these connections and how to navigate them with discernment?

In this class, we will explore the common misconceptions surrounding past life information and discuss a more authentic approach to working with it. By letting go of preconceived notions and diving into something more tangible, we open ourselves up to real healing opportunities. We will delve into the richness and profound insights that our past lives can offer, shedding light on why these connections are surfacing in our present reality.

There are so many different dimensions of what past lives can mean. It's important to recognize that past life connections may also be intertwined with the harm we or our ancestors have caused in those lifetimes. Acknowledging this possibility allows us to explore the transformative power of healing, both for ourselves and our lineage. It is through this understanding that we can embark on a journey towards spiritual growth, medicine work, and cultivating meaningful connections.

Past lives hold a multitude of meanings and dimensions. Being called to a person or place doesn't always align with our initial assumptions. This class will approach these connections from a neutral perspective, encouraging you to explore the depths of these relationships and the messages they hold with integrity and discernment.


Disillusionment of Past Life Relationships Class

Tuesday, August 8th at 10 AM PDT via Zoom

*This class is a donation based offering starting with a minimum of $3.33. The suggested donation for this offering is $15. If you’re feeling generous and able we welcome you to make a larger donation. We thank you all in advance for your contributions and are looking forward to hosting this class.


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