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Psychic Tools for Highly Sensitives, Nervous System Training, and Subtle Body Liberation Templates.


I am grateful for your interest in New Earth Mystery School’s consciousness studies, virtual classes. 

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Our mission is to help Sensitives and Intuitives learn to become more resilient, in tune, awake, aware and emotionally grounded in our home frequencies. We hope to provide an extensive tool kit that opens up access to more clarity, discernment, skillful empathy and the connection that we each have to something greater than ourselves. We provide classes and training so that students can connect with greater community, ask questions, and learn from one another!

Our overall mission is to go with the flow of life from a place that honors each persons unique souls expression. To find the beauty and meaning that is present in all things.We hope to inspire others to experience life with greater awareness of choice and possibility. To bear witness to qualities and divine attributes that are inherent in our nature. To cultivate, grow and nurture the gifts that are just starting to come online. This is a community that was created to facilitate finding what is true for ourselves and awakening to what is unique about our own souls path. We hope to encourage you to find your place in the divine orchestra that surrounds us all, breathes through us, animates us, pours through us and moves us towards ourselves.

Spiritual self-care is both a science and an art. Its roots are ancient, but its techniques continue to evolve and adapt to the conditions of all ages. 

Who is it for?


These classes are designed specifically for practitioners, healers, HSPs, or anyone curious about bringing more magic, mysticism, and mystery into their everyday lives. The NEMS virtual classroom is a very relaxed yet rigorous space where you will learn to arrive as your divine Self. My offerings include healing, meditation, and energy work. Participants and members receive a class recording after each call, so they may review the information and re-immerse themselves in this powerful energy work whenever they desire.


Topics we discuss in our community



Subscriptions to one of our recurring membership plans grants you access to all upcoming classes, previous classes, private content, and our beautiful online community. To purchase individual classes or sets for the month please use the ‘Class Library’ link below.




Semester Schedule


One of the main things that holds us back on our spiritual path is not fully owning our mistakes. Owning mistakes is a way for us to take our power and integrity back. When we do this skillfully, there is an alchemical process of forgiving ourselves, and simultaneously remembering who we are. We can turn these mistakes into lessons by taking responsibility without beating ourselves up. Truly owning our mistakes is the ultimate freedom because it returns us home. This is how we become whole, holy, and complete.

Most people’s concept of what a mistake is has so much to do with matrix programming. We’re programmed into a survival frequency thinking we aren’t allowed to make any mistakes. When we associate making a mistake with our survival, any weakness we have will feel like life or death. Mistakes will trigger the fight, flight, freeze, or fawn response and this will exhaust us.

A healthy relationship is not about never making mistakes. We are all human and still growing. It is about having the tools, skills and willingness to take accountability and repair damage. The outcome is dependent on what we do after we become aware we’ve made a mistake. Not examining our patterns is what allows us to repeat the same mistake unconsciously.  Instead, we can make the appropriate changes to reduce the chances of repeating the harm again. Taking accountability ultimately means taking ownership of the parts of ourselves that need more guidance, love and support. We all need genuine accountability and self-correction in order to break through our programming and distortions.

Accountability is a love language to us and those around us. Prentis Hemphill will be joining us in our 2.0 class where we discuss how being able to recognize and take accountability for our unconscious behaviors is only the first step in doing the deep work of transformation. Learning is about playing; we don’t have a step-by-step guide to everything. Being vulnerable and trying our best with the knowledge, and tools we have allows us to grow and learn. When we take ownership of mistakes made along the way, it lets people know we have integrity and our past behaviors aren’t aligned with our intentions. Without the correction, it’s appropriate to assume that is just who we are.

If we all take accountability for the energy we put out in the world and ownership for things we created from fear, we can transform them into their highest form. This will allow us to move closer to our divine nature and confront, expose, and heal those things that block our awareness. It’s not about never failing. It’s about getting good at falling and standing back up. Expecting to fail and fall, and continuously learning from it. Mistakes aren’t optional, they are required. 


True Accountability 1.0 Class
Sunday, August 14th 10AM PST via Zoom 

True Accountability 2.0 Class
Sunday, August 28th 10AM PST via Zoom



As we honor our sovereignty and the right to have our own experience, the practice of harmonizing with Congruence and Consent becomes imperative to establish within. By becoming clear in our energy we can actively choose through free will and consent the timelines and beings we are investing in. Just because you like someone's energy doesn't entitle you to a connection with them. Honoring consent and boundaries is key to creating and sustaining something real. This is a reminder that as we create deeper intimate connections to self and others, everyone's needs are equally important. During our journey, we may have experienced outdated patterns from constantly absorbing other energies into our auric field. When we recognize an old way of being that is no longer aligned, the first pause is to forgive ourselves. Then if accountability or repair work is needed, we must do so with consent.

When you can master your energy and stay aligned with peace and harmony in your inner landscape, your higher self/soul will be embodied.The ability to discern when and when not to share is vital to being in the right relationship with our gifts. Delivering messages from spirit respects boundaries and is done with permission, does not look to fix or save, is timely, and is considerate of others. It is up to us to know that even if we consider ourselves telepathic, psychic, or an empath, this does not justify doing energy work or the entitlement to perceive all. Whether traveling to sacred sites, reading others' energy, or giving healing, access is based on invitation or consent. 

Chilan Mustain joins us in our 2.0 class as we explore how to honor consent and congruence with genuine compassion and insightful honesty. As he constantly refines his pursuits, Chilan is an Acupuncturist, Herbalist, and Shiatsu practitioner. Utilizing the many modalities of his training, together we will come to sharpen and polish knowing ourselves and collaborating with the energies around us.


Congruence and Consent 1.0 Class
Sunday, September 11th 10AM PST via Zoom 

Congruence and Consent 2.0 Class
Sunday, September 25th 10AM PST via Zoom



Right Relationship and The Law of Reciprocity

Being in right relationship starts with being in right relationship with ourselves. We do this by balancing being intentional, answering the call and being in right relationship with energy exchange. By becoming our own nature, we absorb the divine blueprint in each of us. This blueprint cannot be corrupt or distorted, and when we emanate from this place we operate from beauty, vitality and joy. 

Our ability to connect with others is in direct relation to how connected we are to ourselves. The right relationships for us won't drain our energy. For highly sensitives everything we do is a practice in boundaries. We flourish through mutual exchange. It is a subtle dance in which people touch our souls in a very gratifying way through resonance, attunement, harmony and collaboration.

As we return to our home frequency, and respect our blueprint the universe begins to show us the truth of Right Relation and The Law of Reciprocity. By communing with Nature we remember the blessings of divine reciprocity and balanced energy exchange. To witness things emanating their divine nature, one can see an inherent harmony that we experience. The law of reciprocity states that all transmissions of energy result in a return of energy in like kind. The universe responds to our vibration.

Dr. Jacqui of Xalish Medicines joins us in our 2.0 class where we discuss how being relational is about returning humanity to its right place in the universe. Xálish Medicines weaves the Spirit of Plant Medicine & Ancestral Reverence into each offering to bring us back into good relation with our Plant kin & all of Creation. 

Humility comes from the Latin word humilitas or humilis, which means “grounded” or “from the earth”. Humility starts with being in right relationship with Nature. When we communicate with nature we are communicating with the living consciousness. Being in right relationship deepens when we acknowledge the agreements we have with them to collaborate. This is a life path that requires commitment, dedication, integrity and the willingness to learn and grow.


Right Relationship and The Law of Reciprocity 1.0 Class
Sunday, October 9th 10AM PST via Zoom

Right Relationship and The Law of Reciprocity 2.0 Class
Sunday, October 23rd 10AM PST via Zoom


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