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Our Primary New Earth Mystery School Student Membership: $35 Monthly


We offer classes twice monthly, based on a selected spiritual topic such as Energetic Boundaries, Energetic Hygiene, and Self-Regulation. NEMS energy healing classes assist in deepening your understanding of your etheric and subtle bodies and help guide you through profound transformative work. These classes and our community are designed to help you process your intense emotional reality and ways you’ve always felt a bit “different.”

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Each month, one of the two classes will feature an esteemed guest teacher. You will find bios and a website for each of the diverse and gifted experts we’ve had since NEMS inception in the “Resources section of our website. These talented practitioners are authorities on the monthly class topic and provide students with a well-rounded education and help guide students to a deeper understanding of Maryam’s offering from earlier in the month.

With our primary NEMS student membership subscription, you have instant access to Maryam Hasnaa’s library of healing work and transmissions and all classes with guest speakers.

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Our New Earth Mystery School Student Membership also includes:


  • Discounts on Courses
  • Access to NEMS Community Forum
  • Monthly Guided Qi Gong Class
  • Monthly Sound Bath Meditation
  • LIVE Monthly Virtual Dance Class
  • LIVE Weekly Meetings with Our Community Manager
  • LIVE Monthly Community Meetings with Maryam
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Our Resonant Student Membership: $75 Monthly


Grown with love and focused intention in our onsite garden, we offer a specially curated Vibrational Medicine Box of high vibrational ascension tools for Highly Sensitive Beings. Our apothecary provides plant and flower medicine allies to assist us in energy work, cleansing our auric field, and implementing practices learned in NEMS class sessions.

These self-care tools include Flower Essences, Flower Remedies, Holy Waters, Resin Blends, Tonics, Teas, Spiritual Oils, and Herbal Baths.

In addition to receiving our monthly box of spiritually nourishing goodies, this membership tier grants you complete access to the New Earth Mystery School Membership, including each NEMS benefit mentioned above.


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Please note: For shipping reasons, we are unable to send packages to the United Kingdom, Germany, and South Africa. 

If you do not wish to subscribe but still want access to classes and homemade products, you can purchase them individually.

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