Vibrational Medicine NewsletterĀ 

Our monthly Vibrational Medicine Newsletter serves as a great resource for highly sensitive individuals who resonate with Maryam Hasnaaā€™s work and the topics we explore through New Earth Mystery School.

We share articles pertaining to the current energies of the community in hopes to provide confirmation and insight. We share information about current collaborations, offerings and events. We highlight previous offerings that may be supportive in present time and share information about other healers in our community. You may also find discounts and promotions specific to our newsletter subscribers!

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Resonance Apothecary Newsletter

Resonance is defined as when one object sets another object into vibrational motion. Based on the wisdom of plant spirit healing, Resonance Apothecary creates vibrational medicine tools that act as tuning forks for the frequency of health and vitality.

Our monthly Resonance Apothecary Newsletter shares an inside look into what plant medicine is supporting us through each month and collective themes we are experiencing. We share vibrational medicine education and how to incorporate it into your daily life. Our Resonance Apothecary Newsletter is a supportive resource for those interested in herbalism, plant spirit medicine and highly sensitive beings.

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Resonance Ledger 

 Our Resonance Apothecary team has created a beautiful Ledger on their website containing in depth education about vibrational medicine and the myriad of ways to work with it. This is an opportunity to receive more insight into the making, history and ways to work with the plant spirit realm.

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