The Clarion Call is all about awakening and remembering our role. Do you hear the call beckoning us to tune into why we came here? We can have all kinds of gifts mastered in other lifetimes yet in this lifetime we could still face resistance to fulfilling our calling.

It's time to take inventory of how we are truly involved with creating a better world. We may find ourselves beginning to ask why we would have said yes to certain roles. Every thought, deed, action, intention, belief, and behavior matters. Along with every excuse, justification or reason for missing the mark. Being honest, even though it is uncomfortable, allows for truth to be revealed.

When stepping into our role many people believe the work of change is solely "out there". That is a convenient excuse to ignore our own failures, ignorance, prejudice, hatred and to not look at how we are feeding and contributing to the forces and energies that are insatiable for power, war and destruction.


We will tune into how we may safely gain access to our role here in this lifetime as we wake up our abilities that are here to support our path forward. We go over what it means to be a volunteer soul, updating our agreements with the Earth while deconstructing the old system or building the new that will be born.

We don't need permission to follow our calling. We are at the point in the timeline where we are pioneering new ways and moving the cause forward with diverse, unique, radical approaches and visions that align with our own gifts.





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