The work of the awakened ones right now is the role of the Sacred Witness. This requires us to use everything we see to crack open our heart and help us become more deeply human. By not turning away from any of it, we may avoid both distorted extremes of disembodied activism or love and light spirituality.

When we ‘hold energetic space’ for others, we agree to support them in creating a safe container to do the work, to allow them to transmute whatever comes up. We support them by being the sacred witness but allow them to have full agency in their own healing. We can also say, how can I support you or what do you need right now. Rather than reacting, we learn to stay present as the sacred witness. This is what holding space is. We create a safe container for our loved ones to transform emotional energy without imposing any agenda.


Sacred Witness 1.0

Thursday, February 8th at 10AM PST via Zoom

Sacred Witness 2.0

Tuesday, February 20th at 10AM PST via Zoom





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