When we are in Sacred Service we are a walking blessing. The silent acknowledgment of our role that we hold in our hearts is constantly reflected in the way that we radiate from within.

One of the keys to opening and attuning our hearts is to move away from the type of generosity, charity and service that is motivated by the lower self. The need to indulge in praise, prove how good one is, or get credit for our actions are useful reflections of when one isn't walking a path of true service.

Our power comes from being in alignment with ourselves and if we want to follow our destiny, we may first ask, “How can one be in service, first to oneself and then to others?” Service only truly works when we’re tapped into a greater stream and we simply allow ourselves to be the channels for energy.

We may look to Nature for guidance as it is always in service and may support our walk in understanding our unique contribution to the whole. Not only do we have our guides and angels, we also have an entire ecosystem of helper spirits in the environment around us. We may gain insight as we familiarize ourselves with the plant kin, animal spirits, rock people, insects and other living intelligences who walk with us in service to the One.


Sukina Noor joins us in our 2.0 class to further the discussion on remembering that when we are in service, everything always comes back to us. Oftentimes, reciprocity for our generosity may come through in a different direction and location from where we’re placing our attention. We must not let this limit or distract ourselves as our unique contribution to the universe is priority.

Sukina Noor is an internationally renowned poet, spoken-word artist, playwright, workshop facilitator, educator and public speaker. ​She has facilitated creative writing workshops across the world empowering communities to use the written word as a tool for dialogue and engagement.

Sukina has previously joined us in our Lucidity: Awake in the Dream 3.0 class and Knowing Your Medicine 2.0 class.





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