reframing resilience


In today’s society, resilience often equates to pushing ourselves beyond our boundaries, limits, and capacity. It reinforces the unhealthy pattern of ignoring the subtle ways that our body communicates its discomfort to us. It encourages thinking versus feeling our real feelings. Rooted in the misuse of willpower, it ultimately leaves us feeling exhausted, overstimulated, and disconnected from our bodies. Reframing Resilience invites us to recognize and honor our individual capacity while also simultaneously building more internal resources and capacity. It aligns us with our inherent ability to grow more emotional muscle strength and to develop more tools for staying self-regulated.


Many of us are operating within a narrow window of tolerance due to trauma, adversity and unprocessed stress that is stored in the body. This combination can make it difficult for us to stay grounded and regulate our emotions. By reframing resilience, we understand the mechanics of what it actually takes to expand our Window of Tolerance. We can therefore give ourselves more permission to find what a healthy stretch is. We are more comfortable discerning the sensations between self-harm and organic growth. We get to engage more deeply with somatic awareness and honor the sacredness of our multidimensional bodies.


Reframing Resilience 1.0

Thursday, June 6th at 10AM PDT via Zoom

Reframing Resilience 2.0

Tuesday, June 11th at 10AM PDT via Zoom

REframing Resilience




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