Planting Seeds through gratitude and intention


In this free session we call our energy back from last year’s distractions and use the potency of this time to set intentions in motion for this next cycle year. 

Not being in gratitude blocks your blessings. It doesn’t matter how much energy work you do or how many manifestation lists you make, if you are not in the frequency of gratitude for what you’ve already been given you are operating from lack. This will reflect in your aura and chakras and is a direct manifestation of you closing down your own energy centers that are needed to generate prosperity and abundance. Gratitude is the key to unlocking all you wish to receive. 

We set intentions and talk about the difference between setting intentions and affirmations. We go through a practice of attuning to gratitude. We acknowledge all that we already have and begin recognizing our gifts. This will allow us to begin radiating a frequency of gratitude, and opening up the channel for calling in more of that energy. 



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