Owning Your no


Our ‘no’ is much more powerful when it’s authentic and not just a power play. Owning Your No and taking responsibility for all of our parts, the good, bad and ugly is the true path of self love.

When we release the final version of ourselves that still people pleases, be prepared for the backlash, emotional manipulation, attempts to silence, and the pushback against one's boundaries. When we decide to prioritize our own needs, we will be initiated through experiences that test our ability to speak our authentic voice.

There is so much honor in owning our no. Remember, being willing to fully embrace our no without wavering, supports in embodying our yes.


Cyndi Dale joins us in our 2.0 class to further the discussion on building one's confidence in order to not end up second guessing our No, our innate wisdom, clarity and intuition. No matter what the outcome, owning our no is a way for us to take our power and integrity back.

Cyndi Dale is an internationally renowned author, speaker, healer, business consultant, and the author of nearly 30 books about energy medicine, intuition, and spirituality. In addition, she has worked with over 70,000 clients and students and presented hundreds of seminars and workshops across the Americas and in Russia, England, Wales, Amsterdam, Iceland, Costa Rica, Belize, Morocco, Peru, Scotland, and more. Overall, she seeks to unify the world’s most vital spiritual messages, encouraging understanding and community among all peoples.

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