Owning Your Level


It’s time to reclaim our gifts and embrace our power. Owning Your Level is here to remind us that we each have a unique set of gifts and skills that we’ve cultivated, in this lifetime and others, that are ready to be activated and support us in stepping fully into our life’s path. 

For many of us, we have spent years or even lifetimes diminishing our light and hiding from the fullness of our connection to the Source. Oftentimes, we’ve held back our knowledge or sought to make others an authority over our own inner wisdom. We often do this attempt to avoid the discomfort of others or to maintain a sense of belonging. But ultimately it is at the expense of ourselves. The invitation here is to release these patterns and with it we let go of inauthentic power dynamics, false hierarchies, and needing others to validate the authority we possess.  

When we own our level, we give ourselves permission to stand confidently in our presence while honoring our souls' divine contribution to the world.


Owning Your Level 1.0

Thursday, May 9th at 10AM PDT via Zoom

Owning Your Level 2.0

Tuesday, May 21st at 10AM PDT via Zoom

Owning your level




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