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I am grateful for your interest in New Earth Mystery School’s consciousness studies, virtual classes. 

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Our mission is to help Sensitives and Intuitives learn to become more resilient, in tune, awake, aware and emotionally grounded in our home frequencies. We hope to provide an extensive tool kit that opens up access to more clarity, discernment, skillful empathy and the connection that we each have to something greater than ourselves. We provide classes and training so that students can connect with greater community, ask questions, and learn from one another!

Our overall mission is to go with the flow of life from a place that honors each persons unique souls expression. To find the beauty and meaning that is present in all things.We hope to inspire others to experience life with greater awareness of choice and possibility. To bear witness to qualities and divine attributes that are inherent in our nature. To cultivate, grow and nurture the gifts that are just starting to come online. This is a community that was created to facilitate finding what is true for ourselves and awakening to what is unique about our own souls path. We hope to encourage you to find your place in the divine orchestra that surrounds us all, breathes through us, animates us, pours through us and moves us towards ourselves.

Spiritual self-care is both a science and an art. Its roots are ancient, but its techniques continue to evolve and adapt to the conditions of all ages. 

Who is it for?


These classes are designed specifically for practitioners, healers, HSPs, or anyone curious about bringing more magic, mysticism, and mystery into their everyday lives. The NEMS virtual classroom is a very relaxed yet rigorous space where you will learn to arrive as your divine Self. My offerings include healing, meditation, and energy work. Participants and members receive a class recording after each call, so they may review the information and re-immerse themselves in this powerful energy work whenever they desire.


Topics we discuss in our community



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Semester Schedule


It is time to break down those walls of false protection as they are blocking our blessings from coming in. In this class we will explore learning to trust our inner knowing and when we can let our guard down.

As highly sensitive individuals, we often learn to put up shields to survive, developing strategies to stay safe and comfortable in the world. Ultimately there comes a point in time when we have to look at if these boundaries are helping, or preventing us from letting more in. How do we develop an inner knowledge of honoring the right time, place, or situation to let our guard down? This is about fine-tuned boundaries and noticing when we are hypervigilant or overly guarded.

The repetitive ways we run energy creates patterned structures in our aura. This can often create a hard shell where we required protection. It may seem if we are to remove this, we can be bombarded with overwhelmed energy, though this is calling us to find a healthy balance. By using our discernment and energetic tools we develop a better understanding of appropriate times to let down our barriers. Our previous experiences become a guide by recognizing situations and areas of growth when we may have opened up with someone who was not ready to honor us.

The more we become aware and learn about our energy, the more we know how to spot it when it is drained and depleted. Tuning in through interactions, we learn the appropriate boundaries to establish, allowing us to let our guard down in healthy situations. Eventually, if we want to allow the good of the world in, we must master renouncing our walls and being in the flow of vulnerability, for when energy is off, we will feel it.  

Joining us in our 2.0 Class will be Cyndi Dale. Cyndi Dale is an internationally renowned author, speaker, and healer, and the author of 30 books about energy medicine. Her ground-breaking books, published in over 18 languages, enrich the lives of individuals worldwide.


Letting Your Guard Down 1.0 Class
Sunday, June 19th 10AM PST via Zoom 

Letting Your Guard Down 2.0 Class
Sunday, June 26th 10AM PST via Zoom



Understanding Being Misunderstood 

Commitment to our spiritual path requires arriving at the place where we feel comfortable being misunderstood. Many of us know exactly what it feels like to not be seen or heard. Sometimes being on a different frequency than someone else means no matter what we’re saying that person can’t hear us cannot truly listen or hear us. Feeling as though we are on two different radio stations. It is a very vulnerable feeling to have spent most of your life being misunderstood and rejected because of how you see the world. In other lifetimes, being misunderstood may have meant being punished or even prosecuted. Healing provides us more assimilation as we release past traumas, integrate lessons and bring ourselves into present time.

Being comfortable with being misunderstood requires a healthy aura that can filter out distractions, noise, foreign energy, negativity and projections. While a healthy aura keeps us safe, it is also radiant and magnetic. It repels and attracts. Being comfortable with being misunderstood requires authenticity and clearing away facades. When we are our authentic self, our aura repels what is not in true resonance and allows us to flow with what is aligned. As one continues to lean into the acknowledgement of being misunderstood, it shows up as choosing to no longer look for external approval or validation. Being misunderstood shows up as learning to not seek social approval or validation because, on some level, you expect to be misunderstood. It also shows up in extreme ways of not allowing yourself to be resourced by the love and appreciation others have for you.

When we’re someone who knows who we are, we aren’t concerned with making sure we are accepted and getting people to agree with our truth. We aren’t motivated by a fear of being misunderstood. We’re just being. We begin to focus more on embodying our medicine than on popularity contests. The vibration of being who you are and doing what you love is magnetic. Everything that is meant for you will align with that energy.

Kenneth Jover joins us in our 2.0 class as we continue to explore being misunderstood. The ability to be nourished and poured into by those that can see us is essential. The exact thin we are here to embody and share can come with rejection, isolation and not fitting in. Our medicine can be something very polarizing or triggering to some. It's a very courageous thing to be willing and able to let go of our fear of the unknown, fear of being alone, and the idea that we must have it all figured out. We did not come here to make sure people understand who we came to be. It's not our job to make sure people understand us. It's our job to understand ourselves. The more conscious, awake, aware and attuned we become, the more we will notice how many people are not.

Understanding Being Misunderstood 1.0 Class
Saturday, July 2nd 10AM PST via Zoom

Understanding Being Misunderstood 2.0 Class
Sunday, July 31st 10AM PST via Zoom



One of the main things that holds us back on our spiritual path is not fully owning our mistakes. Owning mistakes is a way for us to take our power and integrity back. When we do this skillfully, there is an alchemical process of forgiving ourselves, and simultaneously remembering who we are. We can turn these mistakes into lessons by taking responsibility without beating ourselves up. Truly owning our mistakes is the ultimate freedom because it returns us home. This is how we become whole, holy, and complete.

Most people’s concept of what a mistake is has so much to do with matrix programming. We’re programmed into a survival frequency thinking we aren’t allowed to make any mistakes. When we associate making a mistake with our survival, any weakness we have will feel like life or death. Mistakes will trigger the fight, flight, freeze, or fawn response and this will exhaust us.

A healthy relationship is not about never making mistakes. We are all human and still growing. It is about having the tools, skills and willingness to take accountability and repair damage. The outcome is dependent on what we do after we become aware we’ve made a mistake. Not examining our patterns is what allows us to repeat the same mistake unconsciously.  Instead, we can make the appropriate changes to reduce the chances of repeating the harm again. Taking accountability ultimately means taking ownership of the parts of ourselves that need more guidance, love and support. We all need genuine accountability and self-correction in order to break through our programming and distortions.

Accountability is a love language to us and those around us. Prentis Hemphill will be joining us in our 2.0 class where we discuss how being able to recognize and take accountability for our unconscious behaviors is only the first step in doing the deep work of transformation. Learning is about playing; we don’t have a step-by-step guide to everything. Being vulnerable and trying our best with the knowledge, and tools we have allows us to grow and learn. When we take ownership of mistakes made along the way, it lets people know we have integrity and our past behaviors aren’t aligned with our intentions. Without the correction, it’s appropriate to assume that is just who we are.

If we all take accountability for the energy we put out in the world and ownership for things we created from fear, we can transform them into their highest form. This will allow us to move closer to our divine nature and confront, expose, and heal those things that block our awareness. It’s not about never failing. It’s about getting good at falling and standing back up. Expecting to fail and fall, and continuously learning from it. Mistakes aren’t optional, they are required. 


True Accountability 1.0 Class
Sunday, August 14th 10AM PST via Zoom 

True Accountability 2.0 Class
Sunday, August 28th 10AM PST via Zoom


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