Feeling vs Thinking


When we allow ourselves to feel our true feelings, what we are really doing is coming into a deeper relationship with ourselves and the divine intelligence that lives within. 

In a world that prioritizes logic and reason over feelings and embodied knowing, many of us have been conditioned to disconnect from and disregard the depth of wisdom that our feelings and emotional experiences offer us on a moment to moment basis.

Feeling our feelings invites us to accept the truth of our experience. It also means that we must be present in our bodies and available to sit with the sensations that our feelings bring forth. This starts with tending to our nervous systems. For those of us that are highly sensitive, hopping out of the present moment and connecting only to the mind is one way that we learned to cope with the discomfort of our realities. 

When we spend much of our time occupied by our thinking body, we can either become swept up in a loop of endless thoughts that often keeps us stuck in a state of stagnation, confusion and fear or use our thoughts as a mechanism to temporarily calm our nervous systems by creating fantasies that are incongruent with the reality of what is. 

Feeling vs Thinking is about slowing down, regulating our nervous systems in an embodied way so that we can expand our capacity to feel the fullness of our feelings and allow our emotional experiences and bodily wisdom to guide us. Asking ourselves, how am I feeling instead of what am I thinking is the stepping stone that will lead us to our deepest truth in any given moment.


Feeling vs Thinking 1.0

Thursday, April 11th at 10AM PST via Zoom

Feeling vs Thinking 2.0

Tuesday, April 23rd at 10AM PST via Zoom

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