This session is a free live offering exploring our Etheric Gardening course. An exploration of the mysticism of sound and nature through the practice of telepathic listening, clairvoyant vision, earth harmonics and tending our own inner etheric garden. 

The human soul itself is a type of flower. Every chakra has its own system of petals, each with their own purpose and meaning. Similar to every life form, with the appropriate nourishment, sunlight, soil and environment, these divine attributes can come alive and blossom. This system outlines the blueprint for coming into resonance and congruence with our own Devic intelligence.

What is unique about this system is cultivating a conscious relationship with the energies that support life through our etheric body. Etheric energy is the substance that gives way to all matter, physicality and form. It relies heavily on devas and elemental beings. We will be learning how to work with these angelic beings as we discover practices like channeling solar prana and drawing up frequency ranges of earth kundalini through the roots of our feet.


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Etheric Gardening

We welcome you to join us as we explore the intersection between Energy Medicine, ancient healing practices, psychic development, flower essences, and stewardship.

If you feel called to become a part of the earth grid that supports the planet through the current transformations, this program is for you.  

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