Changing Your Tune


Changing Your Tune is all about opening and creating space for a new possibility so that things may properly magnetize on that frequency and solutions are organically put into place.

By getting in tune with oneself we may create harmony with others. When we're focused on problems, we allow for the problem to manifest even more. We must first guide ourselves to move through feelings that arise yet remain neutral as to not over focus on the thing we don’t want. We can't heal, receive answers or have resolutions to the circumstances happening if we're staying on the same tune as the problem.

We experience life through the filter of whatever is present in our energy field, the luminous body matrix that envelopes our physical body. So, by changing our tune to what we love and what nourishes us, we naturally tune certain frequencies and people out. Feeling our emotions and knowing when it’s time to change our tune assists us in the process of recalibrating to a different frequency. 

We all experience moments of profound change, re-attunement and release so it is essential that we make sure we’re cleansing and clearing our aura regularly. It is important to keep growing, shifting and changing but only in ways that are organic to our soul.


Ehime Ora joins us in our 2.0 class to further the discussion on teaching our body how to tune itself so that we may stand between heaven and earth, in tune with the living archetypes - honoring harmony, healing and holding reverence for the inherent wisdom of the forces of nature.

Ehime Ora is a Nigerian wordsmith and priestess of the Ifa & Orisa tradition. Utilizing mediums of art such as writing, Ehime Ora creates captivating content that heals, elevates, and inspires the soul. She is grounded in her purpose of reconnecting others back to themselves as an educator of African Spirituality and holistic wellness. Through her creations, she facilitates tangible joy and spiritual wellbeing within her communities.

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