Being the Change


It’s not what you do that changes the world, it’s who you are. Being the Change starts from within. Before we can effect change outwardly, we must first tend to the changes that are being asked to unfold within our innerworld.How are we showing up? How are we relating to others? How are we meeting each moment? Being the change is about becoming the energy that is needed and most supportive in our everyday lives. In this way, life is inviting us to become the energetic embodiment of the very change we wish to see in the world around us.

By releasing the belief that the work of change is solely outside of ourselves, we step out of patterns of blame and reactionary tendencies. Digging deep within ourselves to heal and transform the parts of us that also operate within the same level of unconsciousness and energetic dynamics that give way to the distortion and destruction we see contributing to the collective suffering. Through this inner work, we begin to radiate the energy that is the antidote to all that we seek to change.

Being the Change is a necessary step for those of us who are devoted to being in service to the divine plan and honoring the interconnectedness and interdependence of the global family. When we own what is ours and allow ourselves to be in relationship with life in a way that we are transformed by all that we witness, we become a part of the solution. By doing the work on a local level, we create the shift that will impact the global level.


Being the Change 1.0

Thursday, March 7th at 2PM PST via Zoom

Being the Change 2.0

Thursday, February 21st at 2PM PST via Zoom

Being the Change Set




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