Foresight is anticipating life changes rather than it happening to you, by harnessing the power of Adaptability, resilience and longevity.

Every problem has a solution. The trickier the situation is, the more you must remain sharp, focused, adaptable and in mental clarity. Adaptability gets heightenedwith playfulness, amusement and the patience required to see things as they are. Listen to your instincts and navigate challenges with curiosity through attuning to who you really are.

In this class we explore how your success is dependent on your ability to adapt, become fluid with change, go with the flow and follow your intuition. Now is the time to see where you have actually been the one to put yourself into a box because you lacked the skills to pivot out of your comfort zone. Figure out what you need. Is it courage, resilience, imagination, confidence, consistency? Identify the energy and call it in.


Taganyahu Swaby joins us in our 2.0 class to further the discussion on allowing more adaptability and stabilization in our system. He is a Jamaican Acupuncturist, martial artist, and an award-winning filmmaker.

Taganyahu Swaby's experience working with truama has been an extensive part of his career. Swaby began studying acupuncture after years of training Qi Gong and Tai Qi Chuan, two forms of internal martial arts that, along with acupuncture, share the principle of "qi," or life force, as their foundation. Alongside providing acupuncture treatmeant, Swaby empowers his patients to heal themselves by teaching patients practices to be performed on their own time to improve their health and wellbeing.

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