love languages


In this free session we will be exploring rebuilding sacred relationships with ourselves, others and the more than human realms through discovering divine love languages. When we have a true understanding of love, we recognize that we are a direct channel of love. We are here to open up this channel and connect to those frequencies in order to be a vessel of love.

Through this live session, we will explore the frequencies that are available to us as we expand our heart. They connect us to the source of love itself as we realize we are one with that Source. We will journey through finding the blocks that prevent us from being a conduit of love.

Through the exploration of love languages we will tap into the energies that will support us in being able to feel more of that connection with the divine. We will create an energy field that allows us to drop into experiencing a sacred connection of oneness and then work on how to take that energy home with us. We will explore how to bring our heavenly connection and celestial energy into our everyday lives.  

Love Languages

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