Hellebore Essence Sequence

Step by Step Sequence  


  • Take a few moments to tune into your field and notice what you notice. Refresh your grounding chord, universal flow of energy, finding that perfect mix at your root. Bring this mixture up your front channels and allow it to fountain out of your crown. Bringing more movement and fluidity to your space

  • When you’re ready, refill your aura with big Golden Suns. Let your own authentic energy really nourish and hydrate your field.

  • Set a bubble (cedar or pink yarrow) out in front of you.

  • Tune in to the Hellebore Devic energy in your field… invite your guides and angels to begin gathering all of the ways Hellebore has begun collaborating with your field…Whether you’ve been working with Hellebore internally, any excitement, on your altar, or setting intentions…. Just invite this to be uprooted from your aura, made visible, and sent into this bubble.

  • Give it a grounding cord, universal flow of energies… allow this bubble to be supported by Earth and Sky.

  • Strike it with lightning/explode it. Let the residue of this bubble recycle back into the earth.

  • Invite a beautiful waterfall to pour down from an untouched place within the cosmos… pouring through your field… like a second wash to gather any other residual energy of this particular batch of Hellebore out of your field to be cycled down your grounding chord. Just as if you flushed it completely out of your system.

  • Take a moment and invite your Inner Wisdom, Guides, Angels, and the Guides of the school to double check our work thus far.

  • Invite the Devic/Elemental consciousness of Hellebore to sit in front of you, outside of your aura. This is a beautiful opportunity to say hello to this Deva and energy. Perhaps you’d like to introduce yourself and let them know some intentions for collaborating with them.

  • When you feel complete, refresh your Grounding Cord, Universal flow, and Authentic Energies.

  • Rest into the center of your head. Thanking the Guides and Hellebore for this Updated Introduction.