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Staying In Your Lane 1.0

Staying in your lane is about knowing our unique contribution to the universe. We honor it by not allowing other people’s opinions and energy fields to interfere with that. Confusion, which may sometimes arrive as chaos or resistance, arises often when we continue showing up in a way that isn’t aligned with our direct medicine and what we have to offer. This is cultivated from a lack of clarity and being distracted by the projected path other people want to see us on.

There is no competition when we are staying in our lane. Looking at what others are doing and comparing or competing isn’t helpful and often takes us out of alignment with what feels sacred.  We can admire the beauty in other people’s practices without forcing them to be our own. In being a contribution to earth, we’ve each been given an assignment for a reason and with this, it is our responsibility to own this truth by activating it. Without being of service to ourselves and our greater purpose, we cannot be of service to others. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and become unconsciously swept into the crowd.

To stay rooted and spiritually attuned, it is important for us to consistently refresh our grounding cords. This replenishes us, as well nurtures the whole. Say hello to where others are without the need to match them where their energy is.. in other words, stay in your lane. The imbalance matching energy creates does not serve the collective whole as it only feeds chaos and distortions.

We must ask ourselves, am I moving from a place of pressure in performative activism, or am I in an authentic place with Self. Deep listening is required to know thyself, and not allow your energy to be pulled into other people’s paranoia.

Honoring our true path requires discipline, outside pressures, people-pleasing, and chasing ideas that aren’t our own for validation, which are no longer necessary. Desires as such will not fulfill us on a soul level. As we find, know, and stay in our lane, we begin to attract all that is meant for us. The momentum increases harmony in our reality.


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