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Walking Your Talk Set

We are at a time in this path of awakening where we are being asked to truly know our medicine and to carry this sacred purpose in everything and anything we do. We are being asked to step forward in divine service, to do more than to just speak about concepts and ideas but to truly walk the talk. In this class we will be looking at some of the blocks, barriers, blind spots, unconscious patterns and our own weaknesses. We will be exploring this conversation from the lens of the subtle body and discussing the difference in our aura energy centers when we are being inauthentic.We will explore how to find these gaps in our energy and how to bring awareness to when we are operating from old programming. 

A big part of Walking Your Talk  is about spiritual attunement.  When we are attuned we are no longer matching energy as a survival strategy. We can begin to let go of the patterns of lowering our vibration as a way to try to meet other people where they are. Instead of matching energy as a way to bring people with us we allow everyone to be where they are. We trust that everyone's journey is sacred and there is no reason to save, rescue or martyr ourselves. In an effort to empathize with others we often run our energy in a way that is not skillful and we actually lose connection to our own medicine. We are no longer rescuing people from their own patterns and templates, instead we are just being and creating an energy field that supports others authentic healing. 

In this way we understand that a healer does not heal you. A healer holds space for you to awaken your inner healer so that you may heal yourself. Walking Your Talk is the effect of the work we put in to be in mind, body, and spirit coherence. It is the work we do to keep our energy field authentic. Energy shifts when you walk into a room because you are so attuned to everything, and the environment is no longer changing your energy. We can learn to allow the ripples of our energy to impact those around us rather than feeling the need to use our energy to fix anything. This practice is rooted in divine neutrality, nervous system coherence and attuning ourselves like an instrument. 

In the 2.0 class Lalah Delia will join us as we revisit some of the shadow aspects of the path of service as getting to know ourselves is the most important connection. We will discuss how important it is to have a fortified aura to minimize distractions so we are able to show up for what we are here to do. This embodiment of our true essence requires mind, body, and spirit being in harmony. Stay attuned in your own authentic energy. That’s how you and others who align will find each other. True empowerment is staying in your own authentic energy and finding those places of natural harmony and resonance with others.

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