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The New Codependency 1.0

Are you caring or codependent? Healing patterns of codependence is one of the greatest gifts we can offer ourselves. As we transform these patterns, we experience partnership and union in a much more liberated and harmonious way. Many people think they are staying in dysfunctional relationships because of loyalty, when on a deeper level it is due to negative childhood imprinting and low self-worth. When you set healthy boundaries or refuse to be the energy supply for people who feel entitled to you, just remember: you will be seen as the problem. They are so used to codependency that healthy boundaries will feel like you lack empathy and compassion, or just don’t care. 

There is a difference between being someone who is naturally loving and caring and being someone who cares for others to make yourself feel valuable and safe. The latter type of “care-taking” is a fear based strategy and therefore will always have strings attached. Notice when you get dysregulated by prioritizing your own needs. This often results in not being able to maintain or enforce boundaries. As we address and heal these patterns, we strengthen our own sovereignty and intuitive discernment. Learn skill sets to release the addiction to codependent behavior and make space for more nourishing relationships.

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