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Letting Your Guard Down Set

It is time to break down those walls of false protection as they are blocking our blessings from coming in. In this class we will explore learning to trust our inner knowing and when we can let our guard down.

As highly sensitive individuals, we often learn to put up shields to survive, developing strategies to stay safe and comfortable in the world. Ultimately there comes a point in time when we have to look at if these boundaries are helping, or preventing us from letting more in. How do we develop an inner knowledge of honoring the right time, place, or situation to let our guard down? This is about fine-tuned boundaries and noticing when we are hypervigilant or overly guarded.

The repetitive ways we run energy creates patterned structures in our aura. This can often create a hard shell where we required protection. It may seem if we are to remove this, we can be bombarded with overwhelmed energy, though this is calling us to find a healthy balance. By using our discernment and energetic tools we develop a better understanding of appropriate times to let down our barriers. Our previous experiences become a guide by recognizing situations and areas of growth when we may have opened up with someone who was not ready to honor us.

The more we become aware and learn about our energy, the more we know how to spot it when it is drained and depleted. Tuning in through interactions, we learn the appropriate boundaries to establish, allowing us to let our guard down in healthy situations. Eventually, if we want to allow the good of the world in, we must master renouncing our walls and being in the flow of vulnerability, for when energy is off, we will feel it.

Joining us in our 2.0 Class will be Cyndi Dale. Cyndi Dale is an internationally renowned author, speaker, and healer, and the author of 30 books about energy medicine. Her ground-breaking books, published in over 18 languages, enrich the lives of individuals worldwide.

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