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Energetic Hygiene 1.0

Oftentimes we mistake empathy with enmeshment, people pleasing, or self sacrifice for the greater good.This is not empathy. To be skilled at empathy means practicing energetic hygiene by not absorbing or taking on other people’s energy, not matching pictures, not playing the victim, and not being manipulated by the programming of others. Practicing energetic hygiene means to keep your energetic space free from foreign energy, random thought forms, and other people’s energy that doesn’t belong to you. When you commit to your energetic hygiene you can stay clear of psychic contamination and show up to empathize with others in a way that allows you to still maintain sovereignty in the situation. 

At this time on Earth we are experiencing intense programming from outside influence. Energetic hygiene attunes us with the awareness of when we may be picking up on or operating from this unwelcome programming. Without energetic hygiene, we may find ourselves taken advantage of by people in our lives and overwhelmed with empathy that is void of boundaries. Learning energetic hygiene for your subtle body will support you in discerning when your energy body is picking up on things; giving you the awareness and opportunity to stop that behavioral pattern. When you practice energetic hygiene, not only can you show up in skillful empathy but your discernment grows, your relationships become more authentic, and your intuition increases. In this class series we will discuss how to practice energetic hygiene in the subtle body, share tools that will help you build awareness of your subtle body, and provide ways to practice energetic hygiene in your daily life.

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