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Understanding Being Misunderstood 2.0

Commitment to our spiritual path requires arriving at the place where we feel comfortable being misunderstood. Many of us know exactly what it feels like to not be seen or heard. Sometimes being on a different frequency than someone else means no matter what we’re saying that person  cannot truly hear us. It is a very vulnerable feeling to have spent most of your life being misunderstood and rejected because of how you see the world. In other lifetimes, being misunderstood may have meant being punished or even persecuted. Healing provides us more assimilation as we release past traumas, integrate lessons and bring ourselves into present time.

Understanding being misunderstood requires a healthy aura that can filter out distractions, noise, foreign energy, negativity and projections. While a healthy aura keeps us safe, it is also radiant and magnetic. It repels and attracts. Being comfortable with being misunderstood requires authenticity and clearing away facades. When we are our authentic self, our aura repels what is not in true resonance and allows us to flow with what is aligned. As one continues to lean into the acknowledgement of being misunderstood, it shows up as choosing to no longer look for external approval or validation. It also shows up in extreme ways of not allowing yourself to be resourced by the love and appreciation others have for you.

When we’re someone who knows who we are, we aren’t concerned with making sure we are accepted and getting people to agree with our truth. We aren’t motivated by a fear of being misunderstood. We’re just being. We begin to focus more on embodying our medicine than on popularity contests. The vibration of being who you are and doing what you love is magnetic. Everything that is meant for you will align with that energy.

Kenneth Jover joins us in our 2.0 class as we continue to explore being misunderstood.The ability to be nourished and poured into by those that can see us is essential. The exact thing we are here to embody and share can come with rejection, isolation and not fitting in. Our medicine can be something very polarizing or triggering to some. It’s a very courageous thing to be willing and able to let go of our fear of the unknown, fear of being alone, and the idea that we must have it all figured out. We did not come here to make sure people understand who we came to be. It’s not our job to make sure people understand us. It’s our job to understand ourselves. The more conscious, awake, aware and attuned we become, the more we will notice how many people are not.

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