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Sacred Mirrors 2.0

Humans are a mirror image of the universe. We share the same sacred geometry, meridian maps, and chakra centers. These Mirrors are so deeply sacred because when another sees us, we are seeing ourselves. As a gift of new perception, one can begin to see examples of who we don't want to be or things that are suppressed and hidden within us. Anything that we do not want to acknowledge or may feel deep resistance about will arise as triggers leading us to a deeper connection. 

Sacred mirror work calls us to acknowledge who shows up in our lives and notice what is being reflected through others based on our judgments and beliefs. Certain people in life cross our path who feel so close to who we are on a soul level that it is almost as if they are the only ones granted to expose the places within us that require growth. These humans will show up for divine appointments and be able to see us in ways that most others cannot.

When we are not authentic or our energy is off, people we have a soul-level connection with can sense this. Each time we choose genuine love, connections, and energy exchanges, our heart chakra feels heard, validated, and nourished.

Vienna Pharaon is a licensed practitioner and founder of Mindful Marriage and Family Therapy based in New York City. As she joins us in our 2.0 class, we will continue to explore the friction created when we operate from a place of programming other than our true authentic selves.

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