Garden of the Beloved:

Love Languages

Welcome to the next event of our series of Garden of the Beloved in person events where we will combine sensory exploration, energy healing, plant medicine, sound healing and deep nervous system rejuvenation.

The Garden of the Beloved is a mystical portal for learning about nature based spirituality and the plant spirit medicine path.

It is a beautiful compliment for anyone who is looking to go deeper in creating a consistent practice. This space will be open to all who want to learn and grow on this path of stewarding New Earth. This offering provides a sacred space for healing, transformation and awakening. Join us for a day of connection, communion, community and remembrance.

The theme we will explore in our time together will be about rebuilding sacred relationships with ourselves, others and the more than human realms through discovering divine love languages. A path centered around the heart and divine love is so much bigger than seeking a romantic life partner. It’s not about how someone else sees us, doesn't see us, claims us or our status. 

When we have a true understanding of love, we recognize that we are a direct channel and vessel of love. We are here to open up this channel and connect to those frequencies in order to be a vessel of love.

Through this offering we will spend the day remembering the Divine love languages. These frequencies are available to us as we expand our hearts and our default programs. They connect us to the source of love itself as we realize we are one with that Source. 

We will journey through finding the blocks that prevent us from being a conduit of love.

Our Guides:
Along with Maryam Hasnaa, t
he Devas and Elementals of the Rose Collective will be supporting us through this journey. A key strand of this work can be supported by working with the templates and blueprints provided by Rose Plant Medicine.  

Often when we are looking for love from outside sources, we are really seeking remembrance of the Beloved.

Through the exploration of love languages we will tap into the energies that will support us in being able to feel more of that connection with the divine.

Hazrat Inayat Khan says, the rose consists of several petals that blend together, so that the soul exhibits different qualities. In many traditions the rose is a symbol of love, the spiritual path and even of Source. For this offering we will investigate Rose Mysticism as a metaphor for the soul's journey. The beauty of the seed with all of its potential, the right conditions needed to blossom, the rose bud opening to share its beauty and the challenges ‏represented by the thorns of the rose.

Did the rose
Ever open its heart
And give to this world
All its
It felt the encouragement of light
Against its Being.
We all remain


We will create an energy field that allows us to drop into experiencing a sacred connection of oneness and then work on how to take that energy home with us. We will explore how to bring our heavenly connection and celestial energy into our everyday lives. Join us in the remembrance of our relationship with the divine.

Join us Saturday, February 3rd in San Francisco for a day of connection, communion, community and remembrance.

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COVID POLICY: Please note that the venue for this program, The Center SF, does not require proof of vaccination for onsite events. Masks will be optional at this event. Most importantly, please stay home if you are not feeling well, test positive for Covid, or are in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid ahead of the event. We thank you for your cooperation.

Please be sure to read and review all of the details for this event as there is a no refund policy.