This course is an offering for our communities to heal from internalized oppression as expressed through the energy body.

This course is an offering for our communities to heal from internalized oppression as expressed through the energy body.


Energy work is the process of creating resilience in the subtle body through metaphysical practices, nervous system healing, and emotional resourcing in collaboration with supportive frequencies.

This course is an offering towards our collective liberation. When developing a holistic toolkit to address the impact of systems of oppression, energy work is often missed as a method of transformation. We will be engaging a unique approach to energy work that looks at the themes of healing from internalized oppression on the subtle body level. Throughout the course, we will explore healing through the lens of energy work, metaphysics, somatics, and nervous system regulation.

It can be hard to talk about oppression no matter what side you find yourself on. However, these conversations are needed to develop a deeper understanding of the issues and prevent further harm. An effective way to enter into these kinds of conversations is by thinking through your own social identity. Each of us will explore our own privileges and power in a community setting that is non-shaming and honors the innate dignity of all people.

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It’s not enough to be anti racist, you have to be pro-liberation

Maryam Hasnaa


Energy work is the process of creating resilience in the subtle body through metaphysical practices, nervous system healing, and emotional resourcing in collaboration with supportive frequencies.

This is true not just as it relates to racism, but as a metaphysical framework from which we approach our healing work. Without self-awareness, our energy, our focus, is concentrated on battling with but not actually moving beyond what opposes us. This explains the energy mechanics behind people who become like the very thing the say they are fighting against. On a nervous system level, we will be inviting ourselves to shift away from patterns of chronic opposition. As we give ourselves permission to alchemize our default responses to harm, we can create the conditions for deepened transformation and the possibility of embodying the antidote.

The ability to regulate our nervous system is so foundational that it structures how we experience life, how we relate to others, and how open we are to receiving. Often people may recommend techniques like changing internal thinking and reframing narratives as a way to see life in a new way… but for people with complex trauma, the somatic and nervous system-centered approaches are usually far more helpful and comprehensive.

The capacity of the nervous system is an essential component of our ability to experience presence, peace, freedom, awakening and embodiment. Unresolved emotional charges in the nervous system shape how we engage with the world and relate to others. We will be experientially exploring nervous system regulation from an energy medicine lens.

Learning about our own nervous system and neurophysiology so that we can understand our reactions on an epigenetic level, is a love language. Especially for communities that have experienced intergenerational trauma and mass colonialism. Affirming feelings of safety and down-regulating the nervous system to bring ourselves back into balance allow us to shift out of a high alert response into the part of the brain where we are able to operate from a place of agency.

By giving ourselves permission to heal from within, we can rewrite the unconscious energetic contracts we carry that are negatively impacting our lives.

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This course is for anyone who is desiring to heal from the impact of internalized oppression in the energy body.

It is for those who are willing to grow and embody healing for themselves and their communities. We offer this course with the understanding that we are not authorities with answers, but that we are responding to a call to do our own inner work.

Systems of oppression are interlocking, structural, and historical. Our internal and communal response to them must be equally full-spectrum and comprehensive. They exist in our bodies, transmitted from nervous system to nervous system. By transmuting ties to energetic signatures of domination that are active in our energy fields, we create more space to align with our whole selves and highest potential outcomes.

Each of us have different response-abilities in our healing work that depend on our social locations and experiences. We can do this by first understanding the energetic charges related to our varying social locations. For those of us who are marginalized and wounded by systems of oppression, we need resources to hold our pain and clear ancestral wounding. For those who hold identities that benefit from oppressive systems, we need to release guarding around lack of integrity, transmute shame and resource into a deeper sense of self.

We can let the lived experiences of our identities be part of the conversation while having a holistic, multidimensional range of who we are. We will experientially learn what it means to have a sensory rich experience that can reprogram what our nervous system knows to be true.

When we internalize oppression, it has to be transmutated and alchemized, otherwise any new system we create still is seeded with an energetic imprint of that same oppression. Meaning over time it takes on the same function, just in a new form. This is why integration is key. Radical change does not happen by trying to fight against or fixed a flawed model. It comes from creating a new system that makes the old one obsolete.


Ultimately, we will be learning to cultivate a quality of clarity and self-awareness.

This quality of self-awareness comes from being coherent in our ability to fully perceive the different energies that inform our perception, using strong discernment and knowing how to engage outside influences as we stretch beyond our programmed impulses.

When we are clear, we can move from an authentic state that allows us to move more in alignment with our intuition, with a greater capacity to utilize our skill sets. This work is about self-mastery. In the face of opposing and adversarial energies, the inner work allows us to integrate and neutralize conflict by being aware of our own unique triggers and wounding, while not allowing that wounding to be manipulated.

Sometimes the reason we are overwhelmed by a particular social issue is because our energy field is bound to it. We become conduits for the trapped emotions, hurt, and anger as an attempt to heal this dynamic. We can take that very overwhelm and transmute it to support our collective liberation.

Kenneth Jover

What you’ll learn…

6 weeks of modules that guide us through the fundamentals of energy work in relationship to healing from internalized oppression as expressed through the energy body. 

Each module offers training in the energy techniques that help us to step fully into ourselves.

When we master ourselves, we can be of grounded service.

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  • Increase self-mastery
  • Deepen relationship with your ancestral lineage
  • Address unhealed resentments and blocks 
  • Step into greater response-ability for oneself and community
  • Increase clarity and receptivity
  • Reprogram default patterns and strengthen your intuition
  • Feel your feelings and do your shadow work
  • Build up your faith, resilience, compassion 

What’s included...

6 TWO- HOUR Pre-recorded Modules CLASSES

Pre-recorded video content from Guest Contributors

Guided meditations available for download



Online community, including a private Facebook group for updates and dialogue

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Throughout this course, you will…


  • Receive self-healing skills, practices, and tools to develop greater resiliency, inner peace & healthier relationships
  • Look at models on how our brain and body react as a result of stressors in our environment
  • Identify states of emotional regulation and dysregulation
  • Learn to promote regulation through sensory intervention and grounding strategies 
  • Learn to embody and integrate through nervous system regulation
  • Engage evidence-based and best practice approaches to address adversity
  • Examine consciousness as a multifaceted integration of mind, body, sensory experience, and collaboration with subtle forces 
  • Explore the many types of oppression we encounter—intergenerational, personal, and collective. 
  • Work to be continuously self-reflective about our own privilege and power. 
  • Write self-reflections and revisit them often so we can seek out resources and support to stop our own contributions to oppression.
  • Receive content from Guest Contributors, Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis, Shirley Johnson, Dr. Teresa Lau, Steven Washington, Chilán Mustain and Yeni Lucero. This content will cover lessons focused on healing from racial trauma, embodiment, nervous system entrainment and ancestral healing.

Frequently asked questions

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Maryam offers wisdom sourced from years of work as a healer and mentor to gifted highly sensitive people. Ken’s teachings are a synthesis of ancient lineages and modern therapeutic intervention techniques.


Raised by two parents who are spiritual teachers, Maryam Hasnaa has been immersed in a world of mysticism, ceremony and celebration since before she was born. An initiated Priestess, Energy Worker and a Flower Practitioner, she has found her calling in offering training and mentorship for those with the trait of high sensitivity.

Maryam Hasnaa has learned the importance of living in alignment with one’s intuition and most authentic self. She uses her etheric gifts to remind other beings of the vibrational, energetic nature of this universe. The key elements of her work include a depth of knowledge and experience within a diverse range of esoteric spiritual traditions and cosmic cosmology.

As a clear channel, Maryam is experienced in working with the Elemental kingdom, the angelic realms, plant medicine, metaphysical law, embodied ceremony, sound healing and is a keeper of Star medicine. She specializes in ascension guidance, as well as helping other beings honor their soul's blueprint within the divine plan. Maryam Hasnaa incorporates ancient wisdom as well as cutting edge information to intuitively teach in a way that will awaken wholeness and create deep transformational healing. Through shining her light so brightly her intention is that others will see themselves reflected and do the same.


Kenneth Jover is a bridge-being and a master practitioner of several energetic traditions. Ken was initiated into the world of the healing arts at a tender age of 3 by his grandmother. She transmitted to Ken a living tradition of ceremony, healing and embodiment, awakening in him the courage required to live a life dedicated to spiritual transformation. At the age of 5, Ken accepted the charge to create a healing system for guiding the modern practitioner. The practices Ken offers are a synthesis of ancient lineages and modern therapeutic intervention techniques harnessed to offer the quick path for transformation.

While Ken was learning the healing arts he began his lifelong practice of the martial arts, studying under his Uncle. Through martial arts Ken has developed a fierce heart, an unbreakable spirit and a love for the path of the warrior. One expression of his warriorship is Ken’s work in the field of family violence intervention. For more than 10 years, Ken has played in several roles: providing direct care, developing programs & curricula, training facilitators & counselors and leading teams & initiatives in trauma informed care. In that time, Ken has engaged with over 3,000 children displaced by violence or neglect and over 2,000 men who have committed acts of violence.

Ken relates to the energy realms as one would a close friendship; with play, innocence and ever deepening closeness. Accomplished in the practice of Vajrayana Buddhism, Ken offers the tools necessary to bring wisdom into the engagement of the shadow and how to use skill to transform misunderstanding. From indigenous ceremony, Ken teaches how to be in right relationship with the divine.

Guest Contributors



Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis is a licensed psychologist, ordained minister, and sacred artist who has worked nationally and globally to provide relief and empowerment to marginalized persons. Dr. Thema, a professor at Pepperdine University, is a past president of the Society for the Psychology of Women. Her contributions to psychological research, policy, and practice have been honored by national and regional psychological associations.

She has served as a mental health media consultant for numerous print, radio, and television media outlets, including but not limited to the Huffington Post, NPR, CBS, Oxygen, CNN, BET, TV One, Lifetime, and We TV.

Dr. Thema has edited and co-edited books on recovery from sexual violence, spirituality, and religion in women’s lives, and womanist and mujerista psychologies. She is the author of the critically-acclaimed books Tweets for the Soul: When Life Falls Apart, Thriving in the wake of trauma: A multicultural guide, Mangos and Manna and The Birthing of a Lioness and is the recording artist on the CD Sky: An upbeat black girl’s song. Her work is based in an interdisciplinary understanding of spirituality, gender, culture, and psychology. Dr. Bryant-Davis is an ordained minister in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. She leads a community mental health bible study at Walker Temple AME Church in Los Angeles and lives by words from her mother, Rev. Cecelia Williams Bryant, who states “God is speaking. My life is God’s vocabulary.”




I am a spiritualist who has a background teaching yoga for 8+ years, studying astrology since I was a child, and holding a master's degree in clinical psychology practicing as a Licensed Marriage + Family Therapist (LMFT) in California. Yoga, astrology, spirit, and psychology all inform my work and help me to work intuitively soul to soul in order to help you tap into your Self.

My practice aims to help those who want to connect more deeply with their psyche (the Greek word for soul), intuition and sensuality. My offerings are based on using one's intuition and self-love through it all and learning to embrace and learn from one's shadow.



I have been teaching QiGong alongside Lee Harris at his Energy Mastery events since 2015, and from the many participants at these events, and in my one-on-one sessions, I have found that this gentle movement practice is a brilliant, effective tool for empaths and intuitives to balance themselves and shift energy within their body. It assists any transformation within yourself and your life by restoring you back to peace and balance.

My life-long passion and a key foundation to my own spiritual fitness has been movement. I know how vital our relationship with our body is for emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. I had a long career touring the world as a contemporary dancer, and also appearing on Broadway (and touring productions) in Disney’s The Lion King. I am a certified Lee Holden QiGong instructor and I have taught groups and individuals for over 20 years in Pilates, Dance, Physical Fitness and QiGong. My study of Chinese medicine and certification as a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist has added to my knowledge of the body.


Yeni Lucero was born in the small town of Chalchuapa in El Salvador. Coming to the Bay Area later in life, she began her training in West African dance at the age of 15, her master teachers are Mama Naomi Diouf and Papa Zack Diouf. Soon she pursued a more versatile training at San Francisco State University, one in which she obtained a BA in Dance and Choreography. Yeni also had the opportunity to extend her training at the Alvin Ailey School during the summer of 2006 studying Haitian Dance, Limón Contemporary Dance and Ballet.



At age 5, Chilán started learning indigenous healing practices and herbal medicine from his uncle and others in his community. This exposure to healing work at a young age imprinted him with the outlook and experiences that inform his natural approach to medicine. Through his youth, continuing up to the present he continues to learn and practice traditional healing ways. By the time Chilán was in his early 20s, his search for a career path led him to the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts where he studied Zen Shiatsu. This exposure to body work and physical medicine sparked an interest that led him to study Chi Nei Tsang, Thai Massage and eventually Acupuncture. In 2014, Chilán graduated with a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College. Upon completion of the Masters program, he chose to further cultivate his skills by specializing in Meridian Therapy through advanced trainings organized by the High Desert Hari Society. Meridian Therapy is a Japanese style of acupuncture that draws heavily on palpation skills that he had already developed through years of Shiatsu practice. As part of this training, Chilán has participated in several pediatric seminars and had the opportunity to learn from world renowned experts on pediatric acupuncture. Currently, Chilán continues to hone his skills through clinical practice and teaching. Chilán is well known for his subtle and effective techniques, genuine compassion and insightful honesty.



Dr. Teresa Lau, DC, has a passion for the beauty and richness life has to offer, and she is committed to awakening the embodied expression of that aliveness through quantum community transformation and healing. She is an expert in real-world health, stress solutions, and personal empowerment to bring more energy and happiness back into your life.

Dr. T has been immersed in the practice of Network Spinal Analysis for over twenty-two years, first as a practice member and then as a practitioner for the last thirteen years. She has deep experience with this cutting edge holistic healing work, and has seen thousands of lives transformed by our body’s innate intelligence to know itself, heal itself, and create an ever expanding world of possibilities. At Vibrant Body Wellness, we are dedicated to changing the way we take care of ourselves and each other.

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